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Single phase posho mill prices in Kenya

Single Phase Posho Mill Price in Kenya

Posho mills can either be electric or diesel operated. The electric operated posho mills depend on the mains electricity grid for power. The electric posho mill prices in Kenya depend on several factors including the type of electric posho mill you buy, the features, quality and of course the power of the posho mill.


The power rating of the posho mill is given in horsepower, HP. A high HP rating, means you have more power at your disposal to work with. The big commercial enterprises get posho mill with anything from 10HP to 24HP and upwards. These high power posho mills are able to produce upwards of 40 bags of flour every hour.

The small local posho mills do not require this much power. You can opt for machines of anywhere from 5HP to 10HP to keep your business going. These small power machines cannot give as many bags of flour per hour like the high power machines. It is recommended that you get a bit more power than you think you need so that when your business grows, your machine is able to handle the extra input.

Single or Three Phase power

Electric posho mills for sale in Kenya come equipped with either single phase or three phase power motors. The three phase motors are installed on the big commercial posho mills for the large enterprises. There are also small machines that come with the three phase motors if you have access to three phase power. Three phase power is good for the big posho mills because it delivers the more power than the single phase.

The single phase posho mills are great for small scale milling businesses that usually handle small amounts of produce per day. Single phase engines do not have high power requirements therefore they cannot handle very large inputs.

While choosing between a single phase or three phase posho mill, you should know the power you have access to at the place where you will have the posho mill installed. You should also know how much product you will be handling in a day so that you do not overwork your machine.


The electric posho mill prices in Kenya also differ with the quality of the posho mill. Renowned and high quality posho mill manufacturers produce posho mills that are really well put together to last you a long time and serve you well.

A good quality electric posho mill will continue to work exceptionally well all along without failing every now and then. Repair costs and replacement of parts are expenses that will eat up into your profits and you really do not need that for your business.

When it comes to supply of high quality electric posho mills in the country, no one does it better than we do. We supply directly to you from renowned international and local manufacturers of these quality machines. Our wide variety of products is ideal for small businesses and huge commercial millers alike. We offer the best electric posho mill prices in Kenya. Contact us for more information.