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About us

We are a company that specializes in supply and sale of high-quality posho mill machines in Kenya. We have stock a wide variety of quality brands from renowned manufacturers worldwide. As experienced posho mill suppliers we are committed to bring our clients quality products, offer them professional consultation and bring the most efficient solutions to their milling needs.

Why choose us?

Specialty – we specialize in supply of posho mill machines only. We have been doing this for many years now and we know our products very well. As such, we do not only offer random products to you but quality products chosen after a lot of consideration on important factors like features, power, quality, and many others.

After sale service – our aim is not only to sell a milling machine to you and then disappear. You continue to enjoy our expertise many years after you have made your purchase of the product. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts will guide you through to ensure you make the most out of your investment. We care for your business and ensure that you get the best from what you do.

Wide variety of products – as a leading supplier of posho mills, we present our clients with a wide variety of high quality products for them to choose from. Our products are from some of the best manufacturers locally and internationally. We have products that will meet your every need and for different price points.

With our unparalleled quality in posho mill products and great customer support, you can rest assured that with our company you are making the right decision capable of propelling your business forward. We are obsessed with quality and with ensuring that you get nothing but the best for your business.