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Grade 1 Posho Mill Price in Kenya

Grade 1 Posho Mill Price in Kenya

A posho mill produces different grades of flour at the end. Depending on the functionality of the machine and the milling process used, you can get coarse maize grits, fine maize grits and sifted grade one maize flour. The latter is what is used to make the famous ugali dish. If you are looking to invest in a machine that can produce the grade one flour, then you should consider the grade 1 posho mill price in Kenya.

The grade one posho mill prices in Kenya depend on several factors including the power of the machine, quality, capacity and other features. Of course, a high-quality and performance machine that will boost your business might cost you a bit more. The investment is totally worth it at the end of it all because you get your money back.

For our quality posho mill machines, you can choose the level of fineness of the flour that you want by changing the sieves. As the course maize grits come out, you feed them back through raw material feeding inlet. The maize grits go through the process again or two more times until you get the fine sifted grade one maize flour.

The grade one maize flour you get from this milling process is highly nutritious because none of the parts of the maize have been removed from the process. The end product is whole maize flour. You can also choose to remove the bran from the maize during the milling process if your posho mill allows for this functionality. Posho mills that can do this are called combined posho mills and they produce the white grade one flour that is usually sold in the supermarkets.

Some posho mills do not have the grade one functionality and can therefore only produce grade two flour which is not as fine as grade one flour. A grade one posho mill therefore allows you more versatility since you can get a variety of outputs. With only a little adjustment you can produce flour of the granular size you want. This also makes it easy for your business to serve a diverse clientele and therefore more profits on your end.

If you want to invest in a grade one posho mill, then you should expect to pay more than if the posho mill only produces grade two flour. This is because of the enhanced functionality. However, you will also charge more for your services which definitely gives you ROI for your investment.

Other features like winnowing, dedusting blowers, hulling and others also affect the grade 1 posho maize mill price in Kenya. The more features you have, the more your mill can do and therefore the more you will pay for it.

If you are looking to invest in a grade one posho mill then we can help. We are direct suppliers of some of the most renowned posho mill brands in the country. Our products are sourced internationally and brought to you directly so you enjoy the best grade 1 posho mill prices in Kenya. Contact us now to learn more.