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Maize huller machine price in Kenya

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Maize Huller Machine Prices

Powered by 5hp Motor - Ksh 85,000/=
Powered by 7.5hp Diesel engine - Ksh 88,000/=

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A Maize huller makes it absolutely easy to separate maize grains from the cobs. This is a process that would otherwise be time consuming and tiresome. The maize huller machine price in Kenya depends mainly on the capability of the machine. Here are some of the factors that will determine how much you will pay for a maize huller machine.

The power - when choosing a maize huller, you need to consider how much power the machine has. High power ratings mean you have a lot of power at your disposal to work on as much maize as possible quickly. You should also pay special attention to the efficiency ratings of the machine. The higher the rating the better because it means you will not spend a lot of money on electricity bills to keep the machine running. Hence, more profits in your pocket.

Input capacity – the input capacity of the machine determines the output. The higher the input the more maize you will have worked on in an hour or after a particular period. For instance, machines that work on 15 cobs at a go will have better yields than machines that only work on 5 or even 1 cob at a time. If the input is high, you can get through the bunch you have quickly.

Features - ensure also you consider the features the machine has. A good machine is one with better functionality and safety features. However, expect to pay a bit more for such machines.

You can get a Hugh quality maize huller machine today and still not pay extra. We have high quality maize huller machines in stock. Plus, we offer affordable maize huller machine prices in Kenya. Contact us today and start your investment journey with us. We are experienced and have the best variety for you to choose from.