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Roller Mill Price in Kenya

Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer

Roller Mill + Crusher
Upto 450 Kg/hr
Powered by 10hp and 5hp motors
Price: Ksh 395,000/=

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Want to invest in a roller mill for your farm or business. Wondering what the roller mill price in Kenya is? Not to worry. You can enjoy the best price today if you invest with us. We are leading suppliers of roller mills in Kenya and beyond. Our products are from the best manufacturers in the world.

A roller mill is great when it comes to turning grain to flour. As the name suggests, rollers o the machine grind the grain as they move either against each other or against a stationary panel. It is crucial to choose the right type of roller mill machine to suit your needs. Some are best for specific types of grains, others for certain size of grains while some offer more versatility.

The more versatile roller mills allow you to work on different types of grains. You can change the diameter between the rollers to be able to work on grains of different sizes. These versatile machines come at a higher roller mill price in Kenya because they offer more functionality than the others. They are best for businesses and farmers that practice mixed farming of those that offer milling services to other farmers.

You could be confused on which type of roller mill is best for you since there are many products in the market to choose from. But, not to worry. Our experts can assist you to choose a machine that will meet your needs. If you are a small scale farmer or business, we have just the right machines for people on a budget. Our small scale machines are just as functional and durable as the big ones. Plus, as direct suppliers of these machines we are able to guarantee you the best roller mill prices in Kenya. Give us a try today.